Society 's View Of Addiction Essay

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In approximately 2,000 BC, in an early prohibitionist teaching, a Chinese priest writes,” I, thy superior, forbid thee to go to the taverns. Thou art degraded like beasts." FIND AND CITE THIS!!(w. f. crafts et al "intoxicating drinks and Drugs p.5) clearly, this early proverb is indicative of society’s general perspective regarding overindulgence. In a study done by Colleen L Barry PhD MPP and an associate professor in the department of Health Policy and Management at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health she finds, statistically, that of the 709 respondents surveyed, the vast majority of American society continues to maintain an overwhelmingly negative opinion regarding drug addiction. In fact in comparison with mental illness, 62% indicated a willingness to work with a mentally ill person versus only 22%of respondents that would be willing to work closely with a person with an addiction. This continuing attitude is indicative of society 's view of addiction as a social and moral deviant: anomaly, more so than an actual medical illness. The past and current reviews from the general public surprisingly finds the vast majority of Americans believing that the war on drugs is not proving effective. (Drug policy .org..T. Newman 9-2014). It is apparent that the stigma attached to the malady of addiction has not waned much through the years and most Americans cannot decide whether to treat this country’s addicted/recovering drug addicts as pitiful humans on the path of…

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