Society 's Theories And Theories Essay example

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Society’s Theories
There are many theories and viewpoints that today’s societal world is viewed through, but there are three major perspectives that are used in sociology when explaining how society functions. Each of these theories have something in common; they all have to do with how today’s society is made. Depending on how a person believes society was created there are three ideas they can side with; conflict, social interactionism, and structural functionalism.
The first theory, conflict theory, which originated from Karl Marx is the theory that believes the world and society cannot progress if there are not groups in competition with each other. According to Schlee, “Conflicts are often explained in terms of the interests of the groups involved, especially their competition for resources or gains” (Schlee 2004, p.135). Which is in accordance with Marx’s theory that whatever two parties are involved in the conflict they are fighting for something to gain. Some examples used in the explanation of this theory are; the woman’s suffrage movement or the various fights for equal rights in both sex and race. Examining these examples through the idea of conflict theory shows that without these battles women and other minorities in the United States would not have the rights they do today without these campaigns. Exhibiting, how without this theory, there could be no progress in society. Another one of the three main theories is symbolic interactionism which is vastly…

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