Society 's Perceptions Of People Essay

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Society’s Perceptions of People

Everywhere throughout the world, some people are currently living an entirely different life than what society thinks they are living. The Storyteller introduces the idea that some people are living a lifestyle entirely different from their past and society thinks nothing of it. As well as The Storyteller, The Story of an Hour suggests that other people present themselves differently in public than during the time they spend secluded from the public,but the communities do not realize that. The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber proposes that society never truly knows what actions a person will or will not take. Perceptions of people’s personality and lifestyle are muddled by the general population through thinking an individual 's character is reflected by only their present, believing that a person’s lifestyle is the same in public and in private, and by underestimating or overestimating a person’s abilities at achieving something. As previously stated, society’s impression on individuals is displayed by the individual’s disposition in the present, with disregard of the past. In The Storyteller, Sage was shocked when she out that Josef was a Nazi even though, “he...made himself such a visible member of the community:teaching,coaching,walking around in broad daylight” (Picoult, 52). Sage thought that Josef was always caring and charismatic his entire life, but his past shows him as a cruel and manipulative man. Sage always had a false…

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