Essay on Society 's Idea Of Beauty

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“Real beauty isn’t about symmetry or weight or makeup: its (sic) about looking life right in the face and seeing all its magnificence reflected in your own” (“15 Reasons”). Many young girls are being brainwashed into believing a misconception of true beauty. They can be influenced by society’s idea of beauty through magazine images and social media. In most communities and even society as a whole, there are set values and beliefs of what is thought to be true beauty. However, society’s idea of beauty is profoundly distorted. The way someone feels and thinks about their body is known as one’s body image. It has little to do with someone’s actual body shape and size. (Wilcox 6). In a recent survey, a respondent tells her concept of beauty, “Beauty is having a slim figure, silky, black, and long hair, and enough height. When I see these characteristics into (sic) a woman I think she is beautiful” (“Illusory Beauty”). Sixty percent of women, in a national survey, felt that the way to achieve overall happeniness is through their physical appearance. Women also reported, in the survey, that weight gain is a significant concern (Kenny). A major component stressed by society is the idea that beauty is related to a person’s weight. Being obese can significantly destroy a person’s body image. Obesity can also impact a teen’s emotional well-being by decreasing their confidence; this loss can influence their interactions with family and peers. This may lead a teen to…

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