Society Views On Gender Pay Gap Essay

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Society Views on Gender Pay Gap.
Does society still view women as weak, fragile beings that can’t do anything for themselves? This is a question that can’t easily be answered. The reason for this is because some people do see women in this way but others do not. Employers today still discriminate against women because of this. “Many jobs in today’s labor market require traits and life patterns generally associated with men” (getting women work). This can also be called market discrimination which means that a certain field is supposed to have certain people working in it. For instance, the engineering field can be seen as a mostly male dominant work profession. If a female was working in that profession she wouldn’t get as much out of that job because she is a female; that is because of market discrimination (Chauvin Kieth). Market discrimination is just another example of how women are prevented from getting the same pay as men. Women aren’t weak and can do exactly what men do if given the same skills and training as men receive.
Things today are changing though. More men are staying at home to be stay at home dads while the moms (Women) are going out to make the money for the family. Stats show that more women are going to work while more dads want to stay at home with their children. Parents roles are converging, households are now becoming more dual incomed; household chores are being shared by both men and women, taking care of the kids is also being shared (Kim…

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