Essay about Society Is Responsible For Our Failures

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It has been said that society is responsible for our failures. Homelessness “thanks society!” Joblessness, “thanks society!” Helplessness, thanks Society!. Paul Osborne, Ed M even said “…problems are not seen as the results of individual’s actions or inactions, but caused by society. … It is society’s fault for not helping enough.” - LD Sat Study Guide, Paul Osborne, Ed.M. I am of course referring to our everyday issues that derive in the media, at our workplaces or in our home.
This oral presentation will focus on Australian society and our tendency to blame society for our misfortunes. By the end of my speech I hope to persuade you that ‘society’ is not to blame for our failures. Rather, it is ourselves we need to point the blame towards in order to make a difference to our social issues.
To truly convince you, we must first understand exactly what is society? The dictionary defines it as, a large group of people who live together in an organised way, making decisions about how to do things and sharing the work that needs to be done. Some would say that society is all of us combined. This being said, if society is to blame for our failures, then how can the majority of us be the cause of all of our failures?
So how have people come to perceive that society is to blame for their failures? A significant concept within Australian society is the prevalence of subjective and generlised social norms. These social norms are the obvious or implied guidelines which classify…

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