Society In Jacob And Wilhelm Grimm's The Three Feathers

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Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm’s The Three Feathers (1819) is a fairy tale about the underdog in society that gets lucky. The motif of this fairy tale is society; the underdog can get lucky. This fairy tale is about an underdog who is underestimated and undervalued, but in the end he ends up succeeding even though he did not deserve it. Just because an underdog gets lucky it doesn 't mean they deserve the outcome over others. In this fairy tale’s it is questionable to whether or not the main character deserved to rule the kingdom solely based off of three specific accomplishments and nothing else. In this fairy tale magic is also portrayed as unfair because only one person received magical help which then got him success over others. The fairy tale called “The Three Feathers” is about a king who has three sons, two of his sons were very clever and intelligent, but the third son did not talk very much and was simple minded, therefore they gave him the nickname Simpleton. The king had become old and weak, nearing his death and did not know which one of his sons should rule the kingdom when he passes. To prove who should inherit the kingdom, he sent his sons off in different directions depending on where the feather went that he blew to complete three tasks. Two of his sons did not take …show more content…
People like Simpleton who are underestimated and misunderstood should get the same chance as everyone else in succeeding, but the way that Simpleton succeeded was unfair and he was also not fit for the job. If Simpleton’s brothers had a chance at using magic just like him then this story would have been more fair. Simpleton also was known to not be intelligent or clever which means he wouldn 't be as qualified as his brothers to run the kingdom. The underdog in society should get lucky, but in fair circumstances and under the right

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