Society Has Different Ethical Values Essay

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Society has different ethical values. What one person or group thinks might be right, others may believe is wrong. Ethics varies in the kind of situation it is in. It may present itself in a situation where someone is selfless enough to help someone else without the expectation of receiving something in return. In a life or death setting, ethical values can also play a key part. It is what justifies good or bad doings. Not everyone is likely to have the same point of view in a certain circumstance, nor should they; they have the option to do so, according to the Declaration of Independence. Demographics, without us being aware, can create a judgement. It is quantifiable characteristics given to a population. It analyzes all of society or certain groups and defines them by criteria: Education, Nationally, Religion, and Ethnicity. There are two ways this could happened: We can be bored into an environment in which we inherit a preconceived opinion or our standpoint can slowly develop until we come to a sufficient understanding of things. Living in area with major inflation is where Education can create a deficiently educated human being. This person could have a biased point of view which would show his substandard way of thinking. It could play a key role when it comes to deciding if this person has high or low ethical values. Ethnicity creates tensions between racial groups. It can establish inferiority between these two where one race…

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