Essay on Society, Culture, And Socialization

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How much of an impact does society, culture, and socialization have on our lives? I’m going to be conducting an experiment asking ten random people four questions. They are: What age bracket are you in? How do you identify with regard to your gender? Have you taken a sociology class before, if so when? Lastly, What is sociology. In this experiment, I’m not allowed to help them answer the questions. I will then gather the information needed for at the end when we will find out how much, if any does society, culture, and socialization affect our everyday choices.
After asking these four questions to ten different participants, I noticed several patterns. I noticed that people who had never taken a sociology class were very unsure about the questions. The people who never had taken a class asked, “What does that mean,” or would often say they were confused. They also asked me to clarify the question, but I refused. On the other hand the people who had taken a class barely hesitated. Most knew exactly what they were being asked. Almost everyone made a weird face towards the gender question. I ended up having to reword the gender question to mostly the participants who never had taken a sociology class before. I also noticed that one individual was almost spot on to the book definition of sociology. The book definition of sociology is, “The systematic study of human behavior” (Macionis, 2015,p.4). The male was in his 40s, who said he took a sociology class in college. His…

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