Society Change In Lord Of The Flies

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Society Game-Changing
Governmental Leaders
BY:Vika Isabelle Verbitskiy The Articles of confederation, it failed when they thought it would work, they had consequences that they didn’t think about having. Sadly, there were no taxes which lead to no money. (Claim #2, society), the government had no money to collect taxes, there was Shay’s Rebellion, and they tried to take land Rebellion. Power of control and fear can overcome a person. There was the change to the constitution out of fear that the articles of confederation were not strong enough. In Lord of the Flies, society failed in power because the chief couldn't do more than basic explanations of planning out their survival. In US gov, society failed in power because they couldn’t
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Also, such as when Roger was his evil manipulative self, and how Jack used the fear of beasty to control the tribe.There was society fail in power structure seen as chief couldn’t do more than basic interruptions, their central government was too weak. A big difference between these two governments was having some sort of place to sleep and be protected and food. The US gov had food and homes as shelter that you could buy, but in lotf they had to work hard to find food and build, not find or buy, but build with bare hands, a protected home/shelter to survive in, on an …show more content…
In lotf the contradictory/confrontation was mainly about who would be the leader and how they would survive on the island. In the US gov the contradictory/confrontation was how they would decide on all the laws and who the president would be. In the US gov you can see that by having laws and order there is peace, but if there were no laws or orders it would be so unorganized, everything would be crazy. Another difference between these two governments, was that in the US gov, you had to pay for the land which they took away if you didn’t pay, but in lotf you wouldn’t pay for land because there were no laws of any sort and no organized society, because of having no government. In lotf, there were no laws so people would rebel, for example how in chapter 9, Jack rebelled against Ralph and the boys which caused the death of Simon, also, the US gov had laws but people still rebelled anyways.
Leading a government isn’t always easy, these governments have different but similar ways of having a leader. The leaders each took the same power in ordering people. In lotf the leader was Ralph, in the beginning, on Page 16,it explains how he must be the good looking friendly boy. He has natural leadership skills, and he represents civilization, order and democratic ideals to the boys. He brings the boys to order using a conch shell, and the novel goes on from there. It was different in the US gov, there was the president

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