Society And Creating A Binary Between Social Norms Essay

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The author of this short article is outlining the contemporary views of society and creating a binary between social norms now and social norms in the 1950 's. These social norms that the author is talking about are very obvious in today 's society, whether you are walking down the toy aisle at a toy store or skimming through a catalog filled with toys and other things. If you look closely enough, you will notice that there is usually an abrupt shift from pink and creative, aimed at females, and blue and "tough", which is aimed at males. This change is very obvious in many stores, if not all of them.
I agree with the author 's views that the gap between what is expected of girls and what is expected of boys remains vast, there is still a negative connotation if a boy is playing with barbie dolls and princess toys, and when there is a girl playing with monster trucks and swords. There should not be such an abrupt change, because when there is an abrupt change, kids see this as a sign that they have walked into somewhere they should not be. Kids should not be steered into one direction that is "appropriate" if they do not have control over what they see or are allowed to see. Gender Inequality is not directly correlated to the toys that kids get to play with when they are kids but it can play a significant role in there thinking of what gender does what and can often create assumptions in there mind that men can not do women things, and women can not do men things, which is…

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