Essay on Societal Roles Of ' Huckleberry Finn '

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Societal Roles of Contrasting Peoples In every society there is a fundamental structure of societal roles. Whether it is a system based on wealth with kings on top and peasants on the bottom, like in olden European countries, or a structure based on race with Spaniards on top and natives on the bottom, like in early Latin America, these systems designate certain roles to certain types of people. Not only do they exist in everyday life, but they are present in famous pieces of literature. In the novel, Huckleberry Finn, it is evident that people in society are viewed differently based on their occupation, gender, age, and race. Throughout Huckleberry Finn, it is clear that a role system is present in the community and each individual is portrayed in a different manner depending on whether they are highly regarded male figures, nurturing women, innocent children, or overlooked slaves. Men with highly respected jobs such as the Judge and the doctor play crucial roles in the novel as well as in society due to their trustworthiness. It can be seen from the very beginning of the story that the Judge is very respected and Huck trusts him very much. When Huck says, “’I don want it at all- nor the six thousand nuther. I want you to take it; I want to give it to you- the six thousand and all’”(Twain 25) he is entrusting the judge. By giving the Judge all his money, Huck trusts him to make sure that Pap does not receive any of it. He entrusts the Judge with everything he has.…

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