Auschwitz As A Society Of Total Domination

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Societal domination relies upon the destruction of the free will of individuals comprising the society itself. Auschwitz is the historical proof that this type of societal domination is possible. There are a few things considered to be key to societal domination in Auschwitz and these few things had to be upheld or else the system of total societal domination would collapse. These things were found in two different sources of Holocaust stories. The book “Night”, by Elie Wiesel, and the movie, “The Grey Zone”, both show many examples by which Auschwitz was viewed as a society of total domination.
During the Holocaust, Auschwitz helps define the conditions of total domination over a society. It is easy to see that Auschwitz possesses a total
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It is understood that when a person is convinced that they are helpless through dehumanizing actions, they will conform to a being who is oppressed by total domination. This means that in order to truly dominate a society, Auschwitz first had to make the people accept the idea of hopelessness. The reasoning for this form of psychological oppression is to keep resistance low in the society of Auschwitz.
The movie; “The Grey Zone” had better examples of what the nazis do when people fight back or try to rebel whereas, “Night” had more examples of what happens to Jews who can 't follow an order. Although there were points in this movie that showed the Jews standing up against the nazis, the Jews were always forced into submission as a final result. In the movie, a man named Hoffman is given the authority to escort people calmly into the gas chambers offering them as the deception “showers”. On one occasion, a Jewish man comes into the pre-shower room wearing a nice watch. Hoffman asks the man if he can hold his watch for
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Elie and his father are separated from the rest of his family and they never see each other again. This is an example of a dehumanization tactic used by the Nazis during the holocaust. Since family is supposed to represent an unbreakable bond between humans, The Nazis would split apart families. This shows the Jews that they were unable to preserve even the strongest connection to their humanity. The Jews were also shown that arch which was a total domination society by expendability. This means that whatever the nazis said to do had to be done or else you would be killed immediately. A specific reference of this from the book, was when Ellie and his father were forced to undergo a death march. Anyone who stopped marching for any reason, even if you couldn 't walk anymore, was shot and killed where they stood. This expresses total societal domination so well because the nazis were literally killing people because they were tired and couldn’t walk anymore and they were doing so without any negative repercussions at all. Elie expresses this hardship looming over the jews with a quote “One more stab to the heart, one more reason to hate. One less reason to live”. I Deciphered this quote to mean the view Elie has on this submission in others such as his father or the

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