Socially Engaged Art Analysis

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Pablo Helguera Definition of Socially Engaged Art
Pablo Helguera is a highly viewed in the field of practitioner, educator and socially engaged art. Helguera integrates his artistic abilities to the problem of social engaged art. He served as director of adult and academic programs in the department of education at the Museum of Modern art in New York since 2007. His visual art includes social engagement, historical research, pedagogy and language. He is also a author of many books, including Manual of Contemporary Art Style (Jorge Pinto Books, 2007) a humorous and ironic look at the social workings of the contemporary art scene. Also The education for Socially Engaged Art: A Material and Techniques Handbook (2011). Focusing the the engaged
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I don 't believe he was successful being engaged with participants or others. One example is Department of Social Research in 2010. The goal of this project was to develop a social awareness between others museums that want to break the bonds between art and non-art. He set up an environment for the audience to have a glimpse as to how a department within a museum works. He was able to obtain different items that would be placed in a work environment. He wanted the audience to better understand how art is valued, understood and interpreted while at the same time trying to make this transparent. He wanted others to help with his research but was not present for most of the duration of the project. Although he did request collaboration from others. I don’t believe he was about to successfully engaged other with this …show more content…
In this project, Helguera presented his first solo exhibition in Belgium. He wanted to honor the history of Belgian civil societies of free thoughts. Many of the Belgian freethinkers influence the liberals and socialist during the XXth century. Freethinkers wanted to replace the rituals of the church, such as secular of sacred and festival of youth. The Project was inspired to have the ideas on burying the scientific theories and philosophies that were questionable or failed. He had ashes that represented the dead ideas. Many people were able to join the society, where they to were inspired by the XIXth century Belgian rationalist. This project represents the history and past of the freethinkers and not so much on the socially engaged

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