Socialization Essay examples

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Socialization in a Social Institution

socialization in a social institution can change a person self-concept and the way they socialize because of the environment and the people to interact with on a daily basis. Being in a social institution like a prison for example would change the way a person socializes because of the setting the person is in. The way things are done in a social institution would change their self concept so they could fit in to that specific social institution. When someone is first introduced into a new social institution they have to learn how to adapt. This is where the generalized other comes in. If we can figure out thee generalized other things become a lot easier. In the movie Shawshank
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This was also an example of the looking glass self theory because he gains and identity. When you are in a social institution you have to socialize and peoples opinions of you can make the change the way you really are and change your self-concept. In a situation where someone has a very strong negative opinion about you you're probably trying to change your personality and that would change how you think of yourself or your self-concept. It's common to see the looking glass self theory occurred because everyone wants to feel excepted. Another example of this from Shawshank redemption was when the main character and he started acting more like his fellow inmates. when Andy first arrived into the prison he didn't socialize with anyone so his personality didn't change the one he actually did he started making jokes with new inmates and that means a sense of humor changed along with this self-concept through the process of the looking glass self. He also started treating new people who came into the prison believe he was treated when he went to Shawshank for the first time. his self-concept change to make him think he was just like all the other inmates, he apply this to his

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