Socialization Of Gender And Race Essay

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Nicole Mercado
Sociology of Women
Professor Keumjae Park
Term Paper

Socialization of gender and race: The Particular Institutions that affect children


In our culture it is clear to see how gender is taught to our children in many different ways. We can see how our advertisements are geared towards specific genders, or even how certain toys are sold to a specific group of children. We can also see how different races can affect a child’s socialization process. Different racial groups expect and teach different socialization to their children resulting in a different socialization process between children. Socialization of gender and race brings about many different ideas of what children are expected to do or how they are expected to act. Some of the institutions that affect socialization are the media, family, school, and religion. Looking into the different institutions that children are a part of will give us a better understanding of this process. From reading and researching various journals and articles we can see the affect of each institution on these young individuals on their socialization patterns.

Children and Media

As many of us know the media plays a prominent role in our society. It is easy for someone to get caught up the on what is being advertised to us. We want to be a part of this “media world” and will do what it takes to fit that mold. This concept is no different for children. Television shows children watch, describe and…

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