Socialization In A Pakistani Family Essay

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Areej Sheikh
Socialization in a Pakistani Family While Growing up in America
Our experiences and the way we change due to those experiences are not alike. The experiences that individuals encounter while growing are different because our values and social perception are different from one another. It is interesting to see how cultures around the world socialize with one another and how diverse the interactions are. What might seem normal growing up in one culture might be completely taboo in another. I was born and raised in Houston, but I was raised in a Pakistani household so my Pakistani culture has had a greater influence. Especially when it comes to social interactions with my family. It is refreshing to compare the way I have been raised to other people in America due to the diversity in America. When I talk to other Pakistani girls I can see that we were raised similarly, but the level of strictness varied. Majority of the other girls parents were a lot stricter than mine. Pakistani parents are more lenient with their sons and are less paranoid with them. I know this because I have two older brothers. Family means everything in our culture and it is very important on how we socialize with them. Growing up we spent a lot of time with our extended family. We use to all live in one
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It was kind of difficult for me due to the way I was being raised because the things that I thought was normal was not normal for the friends I was making. So it helped teach me the norms in western culture so I could find a balance within the cultures I’m surrounded by everyday in order to make friends. Now I do not even need to think about it because I know who I am today. I can easily make new friends without even thinking about it. Of course with my South Asian friends I can bring out my Pakistani side more because they understand it more and I do not have to explain certain actions or

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