Socialization Goals And Parental Developmental Expectations Essay

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Socialization goals and parental developmental expectations can be extremely different due to the cultural differences. One typical example is their different attitude towards shame in early socialization between the western and Chinese culture. Many studies conducted in western societies provide ample evidence that shame is a negative emotion that leads to social, academic, and behavioural problems. Thus, parents should avoid to foster shame in the early socialization in order to have a well-being child. However, Chinese parents believed that the experience of shame is beneficial to children because it is a powerful emotion to motivate their children being moral and social competent. The importance of shame proneness is deeply rooted in Chinese culture, and remains as one central theme in early socialization among Chinese families. The different understanding about shame causing Chinese parents have the different emphasis on emotion control in early socialization, compared to western parents. This paper will argue that shame is not considered as a negative emotion, but normal and essential to cultivate a social competent and moral child in Chinese culture, which is distinct from the ethnocentric western view that shame is always negative.
The understanding about shame in the western world is highly ethnocentric. According to Lewis (1995), shame is a secondary emotion requiring the existence of self-reflection, a capacity to estimate self-value based on self-standards,…

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