Socialization, Culture And Type Of Family Essay

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Beginning our early childhood, we learn to accept and fit in with the society we live in. Ritzer explains that socialization is “the process through which a person learns and generally comes to accept the ways of a group or of a society as a whole” (Ritzer, 108). For example in our first years of life, we learn the “acquisition of language, identities, gender roles, cultural routines, norms, and values from our parents and other family members” (Ritzer, 109). From the youngest age we are being shaped into who we are, because we don’t choose the environment we live in, such as, socioeconomic level, religion, believes, culture and type of family. All of those factors will play a strong part in shaping us into who we will become in life. After about first 5 years of life, most of us begin attending school. This creates a different environment and in some cases different socialization impact, because now we are in a mix of slightly different believes and perspectives on life. Starting kindergarten, we spend nearly half of our time in school, or dedicating to school. This makes it very beneficial to reflect on education as an agent of socialization, because now parents are not in the total control of how their child will be socialized. School environment and education itself, might make a person rethink some of the values he had before, or even change the way they choose to live. Education helps us to continue forming the sense of self. Yet, during the first few years of…

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