Socialization And Social Development : Family, Nature, Nurture, And Mass Media

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The following socialization agents have contributed to my social development: family, nature, nurture, gender socialization, school, peer groups, and mass media.
Family has contributed a lot to who I am today. Family has shown me how to behave in public and how to behave at home. It always has shaped my personality. I grew up in a home where my mother didn’t really take care of me and my siblings. I had to mature much quicker than other children and learn how to take care of myself and my sisters. For example, I had to learn how to cook dinner, clean laundry, and get my sisters up for school on a daily basis. This has shaped my personality in a good way. I am more kind and understanding towards others because of this.
Nature plays a toll in everyone’s life. It is their biology. It is the genes they get from their ancestors, that make up who they naturally are. Natures toll on me is that my mother has a psychological disorder and my father is what you call “normal”. So there is a pretty good chance that I could inherit the disorder or even small symptoms of the disorder. This challenges me in many ways. It challenges me to always put forth my best and smartest effort into everything I do. Because seeing the way my mother is, makes me not want to ever be like that so I am always looking for a better way to do things.
Nurture also plays a big part in my life. The way I was raised, really reflects the kind of person I am today. Not having a mother or father for…

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