Socialist Alternative Led By Brad Crowder Essay

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Protesters marched from the West Mall, down Guadalupe Street, chanting “can’t survive on $7.25.” Their final destination, the McDonalds near the UT campus.
Socialist Alternative led by Brad Crowder organized a day of action on April 14, in support of a wage increase in Texas to $15.
Crowder, local Fight For $15 organizer in Austin said the movement started in 2013, in New York when 200 workers went on strike to demand better wages. Afterward, the movement spread across the nation.
The Fight For $15 movement spans across 300 cities and six continents, reads the Fight For $15 website.
In January, Fight For $15 emerged in Austin with the goal of raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour and granting workers the right to unionize.
Legislation that will gradually increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour in New York and California are recent victories for the movement.
The movement faces multiple obstacles organizing in a predominately conservative state.
“There are two big obstacles, one is going to be the legislative system, that is pretty much a one party system at this point, with extremely conservative Republicans and conservative Democrats,” Crowder said. “The other being the right to work laws that make it difficult to organize unions.”
The movement changes the perspective of workers. People have gained a sense of respect, workers are being listened to, and people are realizing that workers deserve a sense of dignity and the right to make a proper wage, said Crowder.

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