Socialism, Communism, And Fascism Essay

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Throughout history, there were a variety of ideologies that came about from various leaders. There were nations that were far left and others that were far right. Altogether, nations had leaders and/or groups of leaders who adopted ideologies for the whole nation. Some prime examples of ideological systems that shaped the modern world included liberalism, socialism, communism, and fascism. These ideologies played vital roles in history and the course of European nations. As a whole, they helped define the ideals and political thought of nations and individuals in the 20th century.

Within liberalism, socialism, communism, and fascism lie important features. Liberalism features include wealth, individual freedom, rights, rationality, utilitarianism and etc . Some features of socialism are equality, regulations, and economic efficiency. When it comes to communism, key features include total government control, one-party systems, and uniformity. Lastly, fascism has features of obession, control, nationalism, politics, and corruption. It is important to realize that each ideology contained some level of nationalism. This stems from the fact that leaders acquired the loyalty and support of their citizens, meaning that they now shared the common goal of their leaders.

There are many similarities between these ideologies. For example, communism and fascism both support dictatorial rule. Both ideologies believe in total control over their nation and use nationalism to gain…

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