Socialism And Its Impact On Society Essay

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What is Socialism?

Socialism is defined as public control of property and resources. Society should produce goods and own property for the good of its own members, and if someone helped make a good, they should be allowed to share in it. The object of production should be to meet human needs. Money would disappear, everyone would take freely in what is produced, and work would be voluntary and as needed. Socialism is a direct opposite to capitalism’s ideas of individuals developing to the best of their own ability. Socialists believe that humans are naturally inclined to help each other rather than advance their own personal interests. Society develops by sharing resources that produce wealth. Advancing one’s own interests leads to exploitation of those under a wealthier person. Socialism, especially in a more modern sense, varies in the extent of what is shared and how it is shared. Some socialists believe in decentralized, local communities while others believe in a centralized state controlling a nation’s resources for the common good (Communist parties being a main example).

Origins of Socialism

Socialism finds its origins in classical Greece with Plato and continues to be found throughout history. Many key socialist ideas come from France. Revolutionary France brought new ideas about liberty. Auguste Blanqui, for example, believed capitalism would be overthrown by a violent revolution of the working class. In the 1800s, the term socialism began to be officially…

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