Socialism Vs Capitalism Essay

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In today 's world, it is all about how much money you can make with the least amount of expense for yourself or your company. Meaning paying your employees with the least amount of money that you can and expect the same amount of work for less. Our jobs are depleting, they are going overseas for cheaper labor so that companies can make more profit. What is this? Capitalism, today 's economic system. Where the rich get richer and the poor get more poor. The solution? Socialism, where everyone has their basic human rights met or the elimination of poverty, more government involvement and workers receiving compensation for their hard work.

In socialism, everyone gets their basic human rights met, where basically, everyone is entitled to healthcare,
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For example, look at Wal-Mart one of the biggest companies in the world, and still pays its workers a little over the national minimum wage, but again are making 3.21 billion dollars after expense’s and payroll. Without the employees of Wal-Mart, those profits and success would not be possible. Proper compensation for the work that they do should be mandatory, they make it happen. In a socialist society, the companies main concern is not profit, but a stable work environment for their employees, they also want to just produce the products that are needed in the society so that they did their contribution to help out. Also, the insecurities of the modern world would be under control, where people are always worried about losing their job they don 't have to in a socialist society there is always work, or the feeling that if you do not do good you will be looked down on in society’s eyes but in a socialist society everyone has a purpose and everyone can do what they want, employment, because you have all the basic human rights shelter, food, healthcare, and education so you can get the job that you want and not have to worry if it does not pay enough. In a socialist society, shorter work weeks would happen because it is all about how efficient production of a product is and not the man

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