Essay on Socialisation Is An Ongoing Course Of Development

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Socialisation is an ongoing course of development where an individual creates and attaches their own individual identity. Along the way individuals pick up the norms, values, behaviour and social skills depending on their environment and their specific social position.

Throughout primary socialisation, diverse individuals learn their own categories through their family. For example, when a baby is born it is labelled as either a boy or a girl. Norms are the first concept you immediately conform to as they are the rules of how you should act in society and this has a huge impact on how a child develops as they grow up. The family environment determines the way in which you live as your parents may have a good income or they may only receive minimum wage. Sociologists Berger and Luckman stated that children have no control over how their first stages of development will turn out; will they be upper class or working class?

Secondary socialisation is the next process throughout the stages of your childhood. Once you venture out of your home surroundings then new behaviour has to be adapted and learned. This also leads into adulthood. Life events will occur and your own decisions will have to be made in order to understand who you are. For example, becoming a mother or father, changing your job or moving environment all determines your true identity making us all figure out what role we are meant to perform in life.

A case study for socialisation is Neil Morrissey and how…

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