Essay on Social and Cultural Diversity

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Cultural diversities are common methods of society contains an amount of individuals who have shared information of ethics, morals, views, or actions. In culture, information can be a result in skills, attitudes, belief, unlike persons, or services. In cultural diversity, there is an intellect of conduct that has been well-read from involvements or designs approved through messages after one group to the following. Sub-Culture are groups in or lesser than a cultural group which takes individuals of a dissimilar cultural family, place of residence, faith, or new thinkable factors that can transport the group together. Ethnicity shows a big part in culture as of today. Ethnicity, or cultural individuality, mentions to connect in cultural …show more content…
This particular morning, a Caucasian man ordered a sandwich and hash browns. I gave him three napkins with jelly. He then asked for more. I gave him three more. The gentleman stated, “Why the ‘F’ will you give me three more.” Before I could give him a response, he pulled off yelling “You (the N word) ‘B’. I was in total shocked that people still react to individuals the way they do. I then felt how African Americans felt when racism was occurring. Even though I have a very fair complexion it does not change the fact that I am still African American and getting treated like dark complexioned individuals. I have grown up in the suburbs and never experienced racism in that culture. Most of the city is mostly African Americans but the police enforcement is dominantly Caucasians. The police officers are mostly fair on the part that I know of. This experience taught me to educate children and my children about confidence, self-awareness, and honesty. Color children have several problems to overwhelm in culture, and when parents be unsuccessful to teach them about the changes in culture, the child/children will be set up for disappointment. A lot of children of color have knowledge of harsh reality at an early age. Growing up, different cultures gave me the knowledge of understanding their backgrounds. It has educated me on the way individuals lived their lives and why they do certain things. I had the pleasure learning about the Asian

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