Social Workers Of The United States Essay

770 Words Mar 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
Social workers fill a vital role in today’s world. The United States has made great strides in creating programs and making laws to protect, support, and encourage those in need, however, those alone would not be enough, without professionals that are educated, trained, and driven to help people effectively. Building a relationship with the client is paramount, therefore, the ability to show you care, while remaining professional is key to successfully helping the client. To do this effectively, social work professionals use a series of steps or a process to evaluate and help their clients resolve problems or fulfill essential needs
The first step in the process is to observe and listen to the client. Many times, clients are uncomfortable speaking about subjects they consider sensitive or personal with a stranger. Therefore, the ability to help a client often hinges on the social worker 's ability to create a relationship of trust, and understanding with them. An effective social worker is able to listen without judgment, which can be difficult in situations where the social workers ' own beliefs may contrast with what the client is doing. A social worker must be able to set aside their own beliefs, in order to fully understand where the client is coming from. They must be able to show compassion without pity while also encouraging an open dialog with the client. By listening, and observing the client, a social worker is able to determine what problem the client has, or…

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