Social Workers And The Criminal Justice System Essay

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- What is the author’s purpose?
The author’s purpose was how social workers are sometimes confronted with criminals or criminal behavior daily. The author talks about the criminal justice system and how it works. The idea of how imprisonment and punishment works in the U.S. and the tensions between social workers and the criminal justice perspective regarding criminal behavior of their clients.

- What key questions or problems does the author raise?
The author talks about how there might be advantages and disadvantages in the criminal justice system among some specific population groups. How would social workers advocate for change and reform in the criminal justice system? The author also mentions how it might be a problem for juvenile or troubled youth and trying to work with them for which they might have an extreme temperament. In the work field, should people with addictions be viewed as criminals or people with treatable diseases or possibly both? Some concerns regarding how will social workers advocate for programs in the criminal justice system?

- What information, data, and evidence does the author present?
The author presents information by charts to have a clear and visual understanding of what is being talked about and presented. For example, in the book, on page 259, the author gives a chart of which is shown between the tensions between a social worker and juvenile justice personnel. (Exhibit 12.1). The author also shows the data crime rates of 1992 until…

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