Social Workers And Social Work Essay examples

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Social workers exist in our society in order to enhance and restore the capacity of a group of individuals to their full functioning potential. They are well-rounded professionals who study human development, and the behavior of people in economic, social and cultural situations and how they all interact with one another. Life throws us many difficult challenges, and the main aspect of a social worker is to help prevent and overcome crises to individuals, families and communities. Abuse, educational troubles, addiction, divorce, poverty and discrimination are only a handful of challenges social workers aid our community with. They will usually provide psychosocial services, counseling, or advocacy. Moreover, social workers are currently known to be the nation 's largest group of mental health professionals according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration(Social Work Profession). There are more clinically licensed social workers than psychiatrists, psychologists and psychiatric nurses combined(Social Work Profession). Social workers have the privilege of being employed in numerous working environments such as mental health clinics, schools, and hospitals. This positive outlook on a career search after graduate studies not only benefits the professional, but also benefits the individuals of the community who do not have to look far to find professional help. Ethnicity is taking a toll on the children and how they develop self-esteem. Judgment is…

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