Social Workers And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Within the United States, social workers are becoming more on hands with working with children, youth and families due to many families in need of guidance and counseling. Social worker are coming in contact with more youth in these times because many are living within families, where there is a lack of attention, lack of love and a unhealthy environment. Due to the rise in these factors, social workers are called in to be a change agent and establish order in the teen live. According to Canada’s Amended Youth Criminal Act and the Problem of Persistent Youth Offenders: Deterrence and the Globalization of Juvenile Justice, “The youths who appeared most convincingly on a pathway towards desistance emphasized the positive impacts of supports afforded in counselling and correctional contexts, in particular the support of someone to talk to who helped strategize on working towards a high school diploma, finding housing, finding a job, and overcoming substance abuse or other mental health challenges.” The role social workers have been in the lives of the youth overall have made a positive impact on their lives due to the support and encouragement that their given.
One informative website that helps in understanding the juvenile justice system is the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice in the United States. This center focus on ways to curb juvenile’s from becoming incarcerated. One focus is to identify the social problem that have led to the event of the teen becoming…

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