Social Worker Essay

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As I look back at my time spent at Newark Emergency Services for Families Inc (NESF), I have noticed that I have grown tremendously. I remember how the first couple weeks, I was very unsure of myself and would always second guess everything I did. From my body language, one could tell I was nervous and most of the workers asked me if I felt well every time they saw me. This was clearly evident when I performed my first few intakes. During my first few intakes, I was overly concerned about performing the intake process correctly, and making sure everything was done perfectly. I found out I rarely gave myself the time to realize that it takes time to become an expert in the intake process. During each intake, I felt I did not know much …show more content…
It also allows me to learn more about others and as well as myself. For example, I worked very closely with ICM, Ms. Salamanca. She was so genuine and really wanted us to learn while we were at NESF. If we needed any help she was always there and never refused to help us. She was very dedicated in her work and willing to admit her imperfections. I learned about SAIF directly from her and learned about how she first struggled when she first came to NESF. Also I liked how she did not treat me as someone under her, and she did not look at my age as a weakness.
Ms. Monroe was a great field director, but I wished I worked more directly with her. I felt since I was working under different department, Ms.Monroe should have not graded me for my field placement. She was not able to see how I interacted with clients. Yet she never gave me enough feedback on my process recordings, but always was willing to give me advice. Also it seemed to Ms. Monroe I was not taking the field placement seriously. I have to admit I was very eager to do my field placement, but that fell through when I was not doing much towards the end of the field placement. I began to count my days until I finished my hours. I also understand she was putting pressure on me because she wanted me to succeed and she never got that from her field placement. Yet I felt at times she was comparing me too much with the other girls and did not realize I was actually

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