Social Worker Role In Policy Practice

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Social Worker Role in Policy Practice
Teria Hutchinson
Barry University School of Social Work

Social Worker Role in Policy Practice This social work student interviewed Ms. Kelly Carter MSW. Ms. Barter was born June 13, 1983.Originally she is from New York, but attended a boarding school in California for high school. Prior to that, she earned her Bachelors of Social work at University of Maryland and attended Barry University for her Masters of Social work. She is currently the Director of Social Services at Hampton Court Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center. She has pervious social work experience with the homeless population, fair housing organizations, pediatric and geriatric social work (K. Carter, Personal Communication,
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Carter discussed some of the problems that elderly experience in the nursing home. The problems that were mentioned are financial barriers, abuse and neglect. She stated that, elderly start their senior years with a sufficient amount of savings and others not so much. Those who have little in savings and investments are particularly vulnerable to unexpected costs that may arise. There is also a problem for those who have been successful in setting aside some spare money. People are living so long, they often outlive their savings and investments. What this means is that along the way to becoming older at age 85- 95, a number of expenses have been spent from their savings and investments (K. Carter, Personal Communication, June 9, …show more content…
When this is not provided, they suffer from being neglected, a problem that occurs when a person is left uncared for and that is often related to isolation. Changing lifestyles and values, demanding jobs, disturbances such as television, a shift to nuclear family structures and redefined priorities have led to enlarged neglect of the elderly by families and communities (K. Carter, Personal Communication, June 9, 2016).
The elderly that are highly vulnerable to abuse, is usually by someone who is part of their family or otherwise close to them. It is very important to take steps, whenever and wherever it is possible, to protect people from abuse. In the state of being relatively weak, the elderly are vulnerable to physical abuse. Their resources, including finances ones are also often misused. In addition, the elderly can suffer from emotional and mental abuse for numerous reasons and in different ways (K. Carter, Personal Communication, June 9,

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