Social Worker And The Policy Practice Essay

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Social Worker Role in Policy Practice
Teria Hutchinson
Barry University School of Social Work

Social Worker Role in Policy Practice This social work student interviewed Ms. Kelly Carter MSW. Ms. Barter was born June 13, 1983.Originally she is from New York, but attended a boarding school in California for high school. Prior to that, she earned her Bachelors of Social work at University of Maryland and attended Barry University for her Masters of Social work. She is currently the Director of Social Services at Hampton Court Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center. She has pervious social work experience with the homeless population, fair housing organizations, pediatric and geriatric social work (K. Carter, Personal Communication, June 9, 2016).
Interest in Social Work
This social work student questioned, how was her interest developed in social work? Ms. Barter stated while growing up in New York, the prevalence of homelessness encouraged her to enter the social work profession. She recalls as a child seeing homeless people everywhere she went and could not understand why she was unable to help them and provide them with shelter so she went to school to be a social worker. Her first position dealt with placing the homeless in permanent housing. The clients were not just homeless, they also were dual diagnosed, having both a substance use disorder and chronic mental illness (K. Carter, Personal Communication, June 9, 2016). Ms. Barter ended up in…

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