Social Work Is A Value Based Practice Essay

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#1 A. Social work is a value based practice and employs a two pronged approach. The juggling act, as it were, in social work is a 100 year old debate exploring if the goal of social work is that of seeking social reform or focusing on treating the individual. (Haynes, 1998) All the while seeking to do what is “good and desirable” (Bisman, C., 2004) Social workers are expected to be activists for policy change and are also assumed to be clinical practitioners as well. These individuals are tasked with involvement at the highest level. For instance Frances Hopkins and the role she played alongside Franklin D. Roosevelt advocating for change at the federal level. As well as those unnamed practitioners who meet on a daily basis and minister to the individual needs of those directly in front of them. This requires a broad understanding of the human species. Brooks is quoted as observing: If you are expected to be an expert in biological, psychological, social, economic and cultural dimensions of human behavior…you are undoubtedly a teacher of Human Behavior and the Social Environment.
Clearly social work is not for the faint of heart. Rather a school and practice to be taken on with solemnity and respect.
Social work practitioners are mandated by their governing bodies, the NSWA and CSWE, to participate in social reform giving credibility to the importance of activism in the social work profession (Ambramovitz, 1996). The responsibility to participate at the…

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