Essay about Social Work Intervention Over Informal Familial Intervention

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Social workers have to regularly deal with the dilemmas and ethics of dealing with people and working with an alienated youth is one such situation. The ethics of the situation can include the youth as the reasoning for a youth to require social work intervention before dealing with the friends behaviour is important as why haven’t they spoken of the behaviour or ‘coming out’ or at least attempted too. Has the client assumed discrimination and is now using the social worker to justify extreme choice of requiring intervention before investigating. This needs to be explored and as previously discussed narrative approach, reflection and postmodernism will help balance and explore this ethical dilemma. As well as respecting the autonym of the client to pick social work intervention over informal familial intervention despite its potential to be an extreme choice. Other ethical issues are more bureaucratic such as the privacy of the client being upheld such as which colleagues the social worker can seek knowledge or assistance from to prevent assumptions, offence or misdirection. This can be worked with if the social worker asks permission to discuss the youth’s situation with possible colleagues under the guidelines of identifying factors of the youth being adjusted or withheld. Ethical issues can also be the personal bias and aspects of the social worker, due the social workers own sexuality to their view and values to do with it, or the language and behaviours of the client…

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