Essay on Social Work As A Social Worker

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Social work is a helping profession, whether a social worker is working one on one with a consumer recovering from a mental break, working to change policy at the governmental level or comforting someone who is suffering from a loss, helping is what social workers do (Robbins, Chatterjee & Canda, 2006). A social work practice also requires keen skills in activities like; advocating, educating, linking, managing, organizing and problem solving (Swenson, 1998). These skills are the key pieces of the helping process and are found in the professional roles of social workers around the world. However, to many social workers, social work is so much more than helping.

Definition of Social Work and Value Assumption

Social work is the fight for equality, the desire to end injustice and discrimination and the dedication to change the policies that hinder the wellbeing of individuals and society as a whole. Bisman (2004) states, “It is the application of knowledge and skills toward moral ends that imbues the profession with meaning and defines the role of social workers in society.” Social work practice achieves these “moral ends” through the core values of; service, integrity, social justice, dignity and worth of a person, competence and the importance of the human relationship (NASW, 1996). It is these values that guide the social work profession in working with vulnerable populations to overcome oppression and to better the lives of those in need. However, to be…

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