Social Work And Family Counselor Essay

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Throughout history in the United States, we have multiplied the amount of individuals who are considering or participating in the fields: social work and/or counselor. These career fields are not always positive because individuals see situations that makes them cringe. However, there are a lot of rewarding aspects of these specific fields, each individual learns how to help individuals with hard situations, help parents understand about why a child is acting a certain way, and help individuals who are seeking help for a various of reasons. Having a career you are passionate about should not matter if you are getting paid a million bucks to a dollar, it should be about the love and compassion you have to help a person in need.
On November the 5th, an Interviewed was held at the East Tennessee State Counseling Center with two wonderful people. These two amazing women were Rebecca Alexander, and Mina McVeigh. Rebecca Alexander is a marriage and family counselor which helps marriage conflict, family miscommunication, understanding why a child is misbehaving, and etc. Mina McVeigh deals with a lot of troubled teens, neglected children, situations in an individual’s home, and a lot more. These women have very important roles on the East Tennessee State University campus.
What is the mission of counselors and social workers?
Many professional jobs have a mission they base their work on. The marriage and family counselor’s that work at the counseling center with Mrs. Alexander…

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