Essay about Social Work And Early Childhood Education

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I am totally satisfied knowing that this part of my career is almost done. If I finish I will obtain a Bachelor of Social Work and a Minor in Early Childhood Education. It has not been an easy road, thankfully I am almost at the end of the road. The moment I decided Social Work and Early Childhood Education at first I thought they were not related at all, but those two years working and studying I learned how one system affects other systems (System Theory). I decided for a different path just in the case I burn out as a Social Worker. However, it is not easy to be a teacher, but it will worth to try something different at one point in my career.
Nonetheless, I still have an educational plan with my goals for student life. I want to finish my Bachelor in Social Work for the moment. I will pursue my Master 's in Social Work. I have a preference in the College that I want to go, sadly money at the moment plays a crucial factor in choosing the right school. My first option at this point is to stay at Lehman College and pursue my Master, it is my first option because it is one of the most economic ones for the Advance Standing Program, which is about $17,000 for the entire program. However, there is the small inconvenience with the internship. I already used my current employment as my internship, I spoke with the head of the department of Social Work and I may not be able to use it again. Once again, I “may” not be able to use it, but she expressed that she can try…

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