Essay about Social Work : An Evolving Profession

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This paper will provide an overview of social work as a profession, including its history, values, practices, methods and settings. A knowledge of the structure and organization of public, private and voluntary social services, welfare programs and their interconnection in the human service delivery system. It will also show an understanding of the code of ethics, skills and competencies that guide effective practitioners in the social work profession. Module one was on social work history and included reading documents about Remembering Our Roots, Reimagining Our Work: Social Work Practice in the 21st Century, From Charitable Volunteers to Architects of Social Welfare, The Social Work History Station, Wikipedia: History of Social Work, Dubois & Miley (2013). Social Work: An Evolving Profession, Resources on Social Work and Social Welfare History. As well as lectures and films on the History of Social Work and Social Welfare. In the very first class Professor Pellicio went over the course syllabus and what he expects from the class, as well as a Blackboard overview. Each student introduced themselves to the professor and the class, each student stated what their major was. Some of the topics that were discussed during this first class included, how President Franklin D. Roosevelt introduced welfare in the 1930’s. How the Republicans were known as the “Conservatives” and Democrats were known as the “Liberals”. We also learned about human needs, what they are and how…

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