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My Life As I Know It 1

My Life As I Know It
Lasonya Adams
Carla Bainer
PSY 202
March 28, 2013

My Life As I Know It 2

I. What was my family Like? a. Hard working single parent b. Second child of three children c. Single parent household II. What are some of your favorite memories? d. Mother overcoming hard times e. Grandparents help in raising me and my brothers f. Family gathering III. What did you want to become when you grew up? g. Work in the medical field h. Law enforcement i. Education as a teacher IV. What are your personal, professional and academic goals? j. Earn my BA degree in Child Development k. Own and
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Today I make sure I send my children off to school with a good breakfast and positive message each morning to start their day out right. To me it’s important to stay positive because when children see and hear positive thing they tend to be positive as well.
Some of the most memorable moments in my life were when my mother landed a new job at General Motors. The struggle was over for us, we were now able to do different things like go out to eat, have movie day, and travel out of town to see other family members. My mom didn’t have to worry about overdue bills being cut off due to lack of payment, or not having enough of food to feed the family. Although she was a single parents, family support was great, my grandparents was very active in our lives as well. Being the grandparents that they were, you wouldn’t believe the energy that those little
My Life As I Know It 4 old people had. I remember my grandmother would always say, “I’m not letting grass grow under my feet” didn’t know what that meant at that time, but I thought that was the funniest thing I ever heard. I remember when my cousin Jimmy would come down from Alaska to visit my grandparents; they called us the trouble makers. We would just sit down under this big shade tree my grandparents had in their backyards and think of things to do. One day when it was time for them to leave, my and Jimmy had this crazy idea to hide from our parents because we

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