Social Vision Statement Essay

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A world in which Government, Economics (Industry) and Religion are separate from each other and perform their own specific function in society, would be my “Happy Place”. The interdependence of these three aspects has led to a world that is divided not only on grounds of religion but also on how businesses should operate in terms of maximizing profit yet maintaining stakeholder interests.

Government and Politician’s role in society should be to make policies and decisions that target the social and economic well being of people and society as a whole. Decisions by people in office of power that impact only a very small section of the society in my view are not always the best decisions. A good example of such a decision was the
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Product safety and Environmental impact of manufacturing should be assessed by independent bodies that are a congregation of all industries with equal representation and participation by the willing. This body should lay guidelines and be a watchdog that ascertains members including they themselves adhere to these rules and polices. Role of FDA or OSHA which are government agencies should be taken over by these independent non governmental agencies. This would lead to lowered interference and inter-dependability by industry on government.

Also, the tendency of industry to rely on government for potential subsidies and trade tariffs against competition should be lowered. Every country provides some sought of incentives to firms either in form of tax breaks, higher import duties for foreign products, etc. If industries in a particular country or region are able to produce lower costs goods or services only on the basis of government provided subsidies, they will not try to cut costs and not be competitive when the playing field is leveled. In my view, there should be no subsidies provided to industries by local governments, if products from another region are cheaper because of availability of resources or labor, then so be it. It should be the consumer who should have the right to decide if they want to buy a foreign product that is cheaper or a local product that costs more. When industries do not have to depend on

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