Social Values, Sides And Ethics Of Social Media

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Social networking internet sides and living our lives in public views.
Social networking sites such as face book, MySpace, twitter and you tube have been playing vital role in changing our living styles and behaviour because it is consider as a medium for communication along with spreading information around the world, In some ways these are better for us like as reshaping and maintain social bonds, transform the social, political and international news as well as happenings to each and every individuals across the world, also offer opportunities to business so that, it makes strong market position or modify the customer behaviour with the help of social media but mostly these are worse and arise ethical problems on social sites and this problem
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social networking technologies create a new ethical issue in between personal identities and civilizations in form of real and virtual identities. Social networking sites have been playing great role in increasing number of member identities and connection to real world, even these are fail to manage user self presentation and their social networks at offline place such as home, college, school or office and this raises ethical question such as
Can we identify the performances on social networking sites as same as profile user’s offline performance?
Are the values and norms at social networking sides are more and fully cleared as compare to non-social networking
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For instance, if a lady describes her weaknesses and lack of diversity in video games companies which are highly reputed , due to this she do not go outside from house due to physical dread and identity display online
Social Networking Services and Meta ethical Issues
Social networking sites create the challenge for ethical and moral values. Sharing of information networking sites regarding our moral values create cultural criticism, change religious expression, cultural patterns, interfamilial criticism through arguments and debate on cultural or religious matter on internet by giving comments and likes to such conversation.
Moreover, through which a messages are broadcast is also taken as a ethical concern because user may be get deceive by spamming of twitters as well as others social sites links.
Misrepresentation of credential or affiliations can destroy the image of any company if consumers make fake stories regarding their products and services. Any comment either favor or against can shutdown the reputation of that

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