Essay on Social Theorists During The 19th Century

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Many of the works and theories of the social theorists during the 19th and early 20th century are still relevant today even with all the changes that we have gone through as a society. The issues discussed in Weber’s and Marx’s class theories; DuBois’ theories about race and Durkheim 's theories on society and labor are the basis on which many of today’s ideologies are derived. Karl Marx was a class theorist and theorized about class struggles and the ideal class society. He also had theories about the construction of society and the interaction between the wealthy and working classes which he called the bourgeoisie and the proletariats. One of his major ideas was that of alienation of the working class. This concept describes how the capitalist system created as separation between the workers and the product they were working to create. After time when Artisanal work was the main product this was a big change. An artisan was connected to their product from start to finish and was able to take pride and have a sense of achievement for the work they did. With the rise of capitalism often production was split into parts. Furthermore with the Fordist model, as shown in the film “Modern Times”, laborer worked on one part of the process and did it continually. The worker in the film did one action repetitively and did not get to see the result. Alienation tends to involve the exploitation of the workers as well. In the film “Zoned For Slavery” the girl who worked in the…

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