Essay on Social Theories Of Social Learning Theory

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Social Learning Theory

Social learning theory work is often has been associated with theorist Albert Bandura. What is the mean of social learning theory it is the, “incorporates principles of both behaviorism and cognitive theories of learning” (J. Kretchmar,2015). To better understand what is social learning theory it explains how people learn by observing the behavior of others and their actions. Theorist Albert Bandura states that social learning theory have four main components, they are attention, retention, motor reproduction and motivation. These two-factor environmental and cognitive factors can have influence the process of social learning theory. The social leaning theory has many practical applications to understanding and study the, “behavior in the classroom, and in society more generally” (J. Kretchmar,2015).
Social learning theory can best be, “characterized as a stepping stone between two diametrically opposed theories of learning” (J. Kretchmar,2015). The social learning theory has described the human learning as a main function of both factor the environment and mental processes. Theorist Albert Bandura believe in observational learning, which is the first name of theory before it became social learning theory. Observational learning consists of, “observing a model exhibit a particular behavior, and then imitating that behavior oneself – could be explained by operant conditioning, the mechanism behaviorists suggest explains most changes in behavior” (J.…

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