Social Structure Is Not Good Thing? Essay

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A. A personal trouble can be defined as a hardship faced by an individual in society due to their own character or temperament. For instance, alcoholism is not due to powers that lie outside the individual but characteristics this one individual pertains that makes him or her addicted to alcohol. In regards, to this example of alcoholism it is not good thing because it leads to a cascade of negative occurrences like losing your job, and damage to your liver. Some examples of this show are the protagonist “Carl” hates to travel because of ignorance and only caring for his own culture, hence, when it becomes his job to travel he turn the experience into a negative one for others ultimately having people ridicule him.
B. A public issue of social structure is when a not only is an individual affected but also a large population of individuals due to the conflicts not being the result of the individual’s actions. An example, for the video is the protagonist being paranoid about the air quality in china affecting his respiratory output and even reasoning he could possibly get cancer from the air pollution. Moreover, this air quality and thinking is also held by many of the Chinese natives in the video as they were mask covering their noses and faces. Furthermore, this lie outside the individual because the pollution problems are due to the unrestricted carbon outputs produced by factories and the coal burned for energy. Hence, at fault is the government, factories, and energy…

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