Essay about Social Structure And Social Process

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SOCIAL STRUCTURE AND SOCIAL PROCESS 6 legitimate goals. Merton maintained that legitimate goals, involving such thing as wealth, status, and personal happiness are generally portrayed as desirable for everyone. The acceptable means to these goals, including education, hard work, and financial savings, are not equally available to all members of society. As a consequence, crime and deviance tend to arise as alternative means to success when individuals feel the strain of being pressed to in a socially approved ways but find that the tools necessary for such success are not available to them. Merton mode of adaptation is conformity signifies acceptance of goals that society holds as legitimate for everyone, innovation form arises when an emphasis on approved goal achievement combines with a lack of opportunity to participate fully in socially acceptable means to success, and ritualism describes the form of behavior that arises when members of society participate in socially desirable means but show little interest in goal achievement, retreatism is the behavior of those who reject both the socially approved and means. They become drop-outs, drug dealers, and homeless, and rebellion is a person who wants to replace social approved goals and means with some other system Schmalleger (2014).
The third ingredient of the social structure is the Culture Conflict Theory. This theory is also known as the cultural deviance theory. This can be defined as the “social clash” between…

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