Social Stratification And Social Class Essay

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Social stratification can be defined as “a system in which groups of people are divided into layers according to their relative property, power, and prestige” (p.191). One of these layers is called a social class. This type of social stratification is unlike the others in the fact that you actually have “social mobility”, but the position you were born in does determine the difficulty level of find success (p.197). The three main criteria in which a person’s or group’s position in social class is determined, which was first thought up by Max Weber, is in fact property, power, and prestige (p.199). These three criteria shape social class, and social class is important in shaping our understanding of social stratification in both the United States and around the world. Property: Property is of course anything a person or group of people owns, and it “comes in many forms, such as buildings, land, animals, machinery, cars, stocks, bonds, businesses, furniture, jewelry, and bank accounts” (p.222). That’s just to least a few. This property, minus whatever debts there are, define the wealth of a person or group (p.222). The idea of wealth and income is often confused, but it is easily explained. Wealth is a total net worth, while income is the amount of money that is continuously coming in (p.222). Property defines the social stratification of a nation in the way that it shows, not only the size of the nation, but also its wealth. The nation’s wealth then determines whether it is…

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