Social Stratification And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Social stratification is the arrangement of classes of people in society according to their level of class within the society. It determines their social mobility and how far they will be able to influence people or systems within society (Kendall, 2017, p. 212). In order to determine how this stratification affects people personally and the decisions that they make in their lives it is important to talk to people. Interviewing people is a research method used in sociology that enables people to study and gain knowledge from other people (Hamill, 2014). The first person I interviewed was my boss. He is in the upper middle class income range; he is an African-American man in his late 40’s, and he is a self-employed lawyer. He grew up in the 1970‘s and 1980’s in the south, during a time when race relations were still not great between white people and black people; however, as he was growing up he did not perceive race to be a big issue. He was in honors and accelerated classes in school and was around more white peers than black peers. He was raised by a single mom who worked hard to provide a comfortable living. The neighborhood that he grew up in was not a great neighborhood, and would be considered working class. He experienced intergenerational upward mobility after elevating himself from working class, to an upper-middle class professional lifestyle (Kendall, 2017, p. 212). After attending college and law school, building his career as a lawyer; which is a…

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