Social Stigmas And Legal Liability Essay

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Now that the diagnostic criteria, supplemental features, comorbidities, and differentials have been identified and described, there will be a review of supportive evidence. There were a lot of concerns with regards to frotteuristic disorder being in the DSM-5 such as the social stigmas and legal liability associated with the diagnosis. So, the DSM-5 adapted by providing absolute “what if” solutions to avoid over diagnosis. As frotteurism is not a victimless action, distress can be an outcome, therefore there should be a clinician to assess and treat the individual. Further a psychologist will not report if one is experiencing frotteuristic urges, (unless other identifiable victims are being harmed) which maintains the rapport between client and clinician. Frotteuristic disorder is relatable to obsessive compulsive disorders, in that a patient may act impulsively to fulfill their sexual urge, thus they should have equal opportunity for treatment. To further support the legitimacy of frotteuristic disorder is an examination of previous case studies involving frotteurism characteristics. After conducting a search for literature on multiple engines, it was evident that there was minimal research done on frotteurism and almost all of the studies include case studies. However, utilizing case studies may be beneficial in drawing a conclusion of comorbidities and commonalities. According to Patra et al. (2013), “…frotteurism is a common phenomenon among the general population…

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