Social Stigma And The Mentally Ill Essay

2074 Words Mar 28th, 2016 9 Pages
Throughout the years, the ways to treat the mentally ill has gotten significantly better. The old practices of electrocution, ice baths, and ejecting out crisis by vomiting and bleeding out, and lobotomies are no longer used as the danger and unethical ways of such practices was realized. However, people still view the mentally ill as crazy and untreatable. If ideas about the mentally ill were to change, complemented by funding for institutions and mental health bills, the mentally ill could be treated the way they should be. Although the care for the mentally ill has dramatically improved as opinions about mental health has changed, care for the mentally ill is still not where it needs to be due to a lack of funding, social stigma, and its costs to society. One major problem that is keeping the mentally ill from getting the care they need is due to social stigma. Social stigma is defined as, “a social phenomenon [that] is exercised by groups of humans, one towards another, to fulfill psychological needs and to gain advantages, mostly economic” (Davidson). Social stigma is a major roadblock in the road to get the mentally ill the treatment they need. As Davidson said, social stigma is mostly caused by people who feel superior towards others. People who don’t have a mental illness see people with a mental illness as inferior to them, and disregard them and their needs. Davidson also says that people often stigmatize others because of psychological needs and financial…

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